Weekend Update

What a weird week this has been! For some reason, this week has been a doozy! The keyboard on my computer is having some issues, like sticking keys, and my mouse is dying a slow death. My nerdy-geeky husband mentioned that "we" might have to make a trip to Fry's, *the* superstore for nerds, I mean, computer geeks here in our area. It's a sight to behold, let me tell you! I've seen some very....interesting....ummm....people...at Fry's. Nerds can enter in and not be seen for more than 3 hours and all they've looked at is 10 bazillion screws, wires, connectors, fans, and other things I don't even want to know about. Generally, when I go with the DH to Fry's, I tell him first, we get what we came for, then he only has 30 minutes to look at items not on our shopping list. After that, we're leaving! I'm sorry, no sane person, should have to be subjected to all that geekiness and testosterone in a confined space! LOL (If you're a computer geek reading this post, I don't mean to offend, so please forgive me.) To find out if there's a Fry's near you, visit their website.

We ushered winter out the door on Friday and spring arrived on Saturday bringing this:

Do you see the white stuff?? It's not much, but it's there! Yes, snow on the first day of SPRING and I don't even live in snow country! Thankfully, this was all we got and it was long gone by lunchtime today, but parts of the Dallas-Fort Worth and northeast Texas received many INCHES of the white stuff. Mother Nature also turned the fan on high and we've had winds gusting up to 40 mph!

The garden is progressing, or it was, before the weekend. The carrots have finally started coming up. The yellow onions are looking healthy and strong, and the radishes are really doing well. The potato bins all have sprouts and one even has almost as many sprouts as seed potatoes we planted! Yippee! Let's hope they've survived the freeze and are doing well.

My stitching mojo has gone out the window. Maybe it knew the freeze was coming and it flew south, I don't know. I'm really ready for it to come back, though. If you see it, please send it back to me, okay? I did manage to start my Bent Creek exchange for my non-blogging friend who really needs a blog, Robin.

My Colors exchange partner has received the piece I stitched for her. I chose to stitch the inside motif from ABC 04, a complimentary design from the blog, A Time to Stitch.

I don't remember what fabric I chose, but I do remember that it was from R&R and it was 32 ct. I used Belle Soie Cranberry fiber. I thoroughly enjoyed stitching this for my exchange partner. It was s delightfully quick stitch.

Have a great start to the week! :>)


Anonymous said…
That is too funny about the snow! Glad it didn't stay around too long!

Love what you stitched for the exchange! Funny that we both chose to stitch our respective pieces with Belle Soie Cranberry!

Happy to hear your gardening projects are faring well!

kimstitch3 said…
very beautiful finish
Mylene said…
Lovely piece you finish for the exchange. Hope you get back your stitching mojo back.