Thursday Captions!

If you couldn't tell by the pics I posted yesterday, spring is springing in my yard and garden. I took most of the outside pics just prior to posting them. I hope that for those of you still in the grips of Old Man Winter that you are encouraged to know that spring is indeed on the way!

My start on my March ornie, Silly Snowquake. He's being stitched on 28 ct. Cascade linen from Silkweaver using DMC.

My trailing Veronica 'Georgia Blue'. It's one of the earliest things to start blooming in my flower bed.

Radish seedlings! I just planted these seeds last week.

I found this bird's nest in our holly bush while walking the yard. I don't know if it's currently in use or not, though.

Bloom on one of the strawberry plants. These survived the winter in one of our veggie beds, but DH thinks they need some kind of special soil, so he dug 'em up and planted them in little pots to replant in the 'right' soil.

Have a spring-y day!


Anonymous said…
Yes, spring is around the corner! Don't forget to spring ahead this weekend!

You are off to a good beginning on your March ornament!

T. Whitesell said…
We are so thankful spring is coming too:). Thanks for the pictures of what we have to look forward to.
Elaine said…
It is so lovely to see your photographs with the signs of spring.
Look forward to more up-dates on your Silly Snowflake.