Thursday Captions & Other Chit Chat

I have been stitching on this Quaker Friendship Sampler piece for 2 years. LOL I am currently working on the big green leafy motif in the middle right hand portion of the picture. I might finish this some day. My non-blogging friend, Robin (who really needs to start a blog, hint, hint!), has offered to stitch on it for me. I might just have to take her up on her offer!

Have a Heart by Val's Stitching Stuff is coming along. Actually, he's finished now, after I put the final stitches in him this morning! I'll be back later on today to post a finished pic. I've also finished my Colours exchange piece, but I can't post a pic of that just yet.

Worms from our garden!! Woohoo! Nature's little rototillers at their biggest that we've seen in our yard since we moved in almost 5 years ago. Normally, we see only the little babies, but this spring, we've seen tons of the bigger worms. The DH says it makes him want to go fishing! LOL

My first winter sowing sprouts of 2010! These are Sweet Pea seedlings just popping up. I'll plant them out in a couple of weeks.

Freshly planted onions start off the gardening season. These are red (puple) onion babies, but I also have some yellow onions (Texas 1015s) to plant. On either side of the onions are carrots and radishes. I made my own seed tape from toilet paper and buried it. Hopefully, they'll start sprouting in about a week!

Til next time!


Anonymous said…
Tell Mark I have the perfect fishing hole for him and his worms! Bring your quaker friendship piece along and we can stitch!