Since Yesterday Was St. Patrick's Day...

...I thought I'd share a little green from my garden with you!

First up, are my potatoes. This container has the most sprouts in it, but the others are coming along. I think the cooler weather has slowed everything down, including me!

Next are my strawberry plants. They've been blooming for the past week. These are volunteers from last year's plants. Not sure if they are supposed to work that way, but that's what we got! LOL

These are volunteer tomato seedlings in my big onion bed. We had tomatoes growing there last year, so I might let a couple of them grow and we'll plant them along with the onions.

My pineapple mint survived the winter and put out an albino cluster of leaves! What a fun plant to grow!

Lastly, the lettuce bed. Since it's warmed up some, all the lettuces have really taken off.


Anonymous said…
Awesome greenery! That pineapple mint is a neat looking plant!