Headless No More!

In fact, he's not even stitchless anymore! I put the last stitches in my Silly Snowquake ornie on Friday night while watching The Blind Side.

Design: Silly Snowquake
Stitched on 28ct. Cascade linen from Silkweaver with DMC B5200
Design available from Erynne's Be-Stitched Blog

Tonight, I will start my new incentive piece, BBD's "Evergreen". I'm so excited! I will be stitching it on 28 ct. Iced Cappuccino linen From R&R Reproductions with WDW's Palomino, GAST's Forest Glade, and CC's Carrie Berry.

I just realized that I never came by on Thursday to post the captions for my pics! Sorry, folks!

My exchange piece from Veronica. It's Quaker Heart from Piecework Magazine stitched in WDW's Romance. LOVE it!

My Creeping Veronica aka Georgia Blue Speedwell. I planted this 2 falls ago and it's really grown and spread! I love the bright blueish-purple flowers. Apparently, the bees do, too. (Can you see the bee??)

The poppies are really growing! I'm continuing to find them everywhere in this flower bed as well as other flower beds in my yard. This particular stand is from last year's poppies which reseeded themselves.

The lettuces have been loving the rain and warmer temps. They've all grown like crazy!

We have liftoff with the Wando peas!!

The potatoes are continuing to do extremely well, too. I've got shoots about 8" tall in some of the planters. Time to start hilling them to give them a better chance of producing and to help them be a bit sturdier.


Anonymous said…
Glad your snowman isn't headless any longer! Congrats on your finish! Your veggies and other greenery are really taking off! What a green thumb you have!

TinaTx said…
Love those little blue flowers! I'm guessing they like the sun?
Great job on the stitching - glad the little fella is no longer headless!