Catching Up!

My progress on "Have a Heart" by Val's Stuff. I've got even more done on it now!

Lettuce in the lettuce bed from our winter growing season.

My little cabbage. I thought he'd have a head on him by now since I planted way back in the fall, but he must be in the slow class. LOL

Some of my winter sowing jugs, mostly tomatoes right now.

My helpers while I was doing most of the jugs in the picture above. They look like great helpers, don't they??


Shari said…
the stitching is so pretty!!! the colors just pop! Oh my! Love the garden!!!!!!! Come on spring in Indiana!!!!
Anonymous said…
I really like your snowman, Stef! Would you put a face on him though?!?! LOL

Great looking lettuce! Makes me hungry for a salad!