Sunday Update

The past few days have been a bust for me. I blame it on the snow. That's thrown everything out of whack and off kilter. I still have snow in my yard! Friday was the DH's birthday and I didn't remember until I'd been at work for about an hour. I also started coming down with something either a cold or a sinus infection (again!). Needless to say, I'd not planned anything nice for dinner or gotten any kind of gift or anything! Of course today is Valentine's Day and I'm feeling so unvalentiney. Really, how attractive can coughing, snorting, blowing, and hacking be?? But my valentine wuvs me, red nose and all! I told him we'd celebrate next weekend!

I did manage to get my little ornie completed before getting sick. This is Christmas, a complimentary design by AuryTM stitched on 28 ct. Fossil linen from Picture This Plus using WDW's Bethlehem fiber.

Honestly, I'm not too thrilled with the outcome. I'm going to stitch it again, though, at some point in time. My non-blogging friend, Robin, has stitched this one recently and I like her version. I think I might have to copy her!


Anonymous said…
I like your Christmas ornament, Stef! But you can copy me any time!

Wishing belated birthday wishes to your husband! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Big hugs,