I woke up to a couple of inches of snow on the ground this morning, strange for North Texas, but not totally unheard of. It continued to snow NON-STOP all day and we have had about 6" so far. They're predicting it to continue all evening, so no telling how many inches we'll end up with. It's going to be in the upper 20s tonight, so all this slush is going to turn to ice and that's going to be a nightmare in the morning. I'm so not looking forward to the mess on my drive to work in the morning.

Here are a few shots from our snowy day.

These are the winter sowing jugs I posted on yesterday's Wordless Wednesday post. That's how much snow we've had!

There was very little wind today so the snow pretty much fell straight down. There's no snow under the eaves of the house, but where there is snow, it's deep!

Our house in the snow. I'm hoping those limbs on that tree don't snap! Notice my truck parked under the tree. That's my Trusty Steed! He got me safely to and from work today. :)

One of the snow covered crepe myrtles in our backyard.

Lastly, the view down our street after I got home from work this evening.


stitchinfiend said…
such pretty snow pics. I guess when you don't have to live in it I can say that......LOL
It looks more like Michigan than Texas! Be safe out there this morning - ice is no fun to deal with! The pic of the snow by the fence is just so odd looking how the snow didn't fall right by the fence. Since we can't see the overhang, it really looks strange!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful snow pics, Stef! But then I love looking at snow pictures almost as much as I love walking and playing in the stuff!

Shari said…
beautiful!!!! You have more snow than we do here in Northern Indiana!!!! Enjoy it while you have it!
Thanks for visiting my blog~! Do come back!!!