More Snow Pics (Lots of 'Em!)

Please humor me as I share more snow pics. I know that many of you are in parts of the country where you're sick of seeing snow, but I live in a part of the country where this much snow is a monumental occasion. I think the last time I saw this much snow here in North Texas was in the 80s when I was in college. That's a loooonnnngggg time ago, folks! Here we go!

My across the street neighbor's pretty snow covered tree.

Our tree, loaded down with snow.

Our house from the other side. You can see the snow on the roof.

The end of our street. The big oak tree was so heavy with snow this morning, you couldn't drive under it.

Our covered area in the back and DH's shed. See the snow piled up on top of the awning?

The neighbor's crepe myrtle tree along our driveway.

The oak tree in our front yard touching our roof! Yikes! I'm really surprised one of these branches didn't snap under the weight of the snow.

A tree on the corner of the overpass on my way to work.

Our house. Notice Trusty Steed in the driveway. I gave him the day off today!

My boss shoveling the snow in front of our store. He actually had a real snow shovel! He's from Baltimore originally and has also lived in Missouri, so he has LOTS of experience shoveling. He said it was just like riding a bike. I bet he'll be thinking something different tomorrow! LOL

Our store from across the parking lot.

Looking at Mimi's from our front door at work. I always love the way Mimi's looks in the snow.

Looking across the service road to I-20 from the front sidewalk of our store. It was soooo pretty!


stitchinfiend said…
Beautiful pics. I love the crepe myrtle bush.
Shari said…
gorgeous pictures!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! You have WAY MORE than we do!!
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful winter wonderland, Stef! I love all the tree pictures! Glad your boss had a snow shovel! As happy that the tree branches haven't snapped!

Carolyn NC said…
TinaTx said…
Great snow pics!