It's Thursday! Time to Find out What Those Pics Were!

This is my progress on LHN's Seasonal Saltbox threadpack, Blessed are the Pure. I've been stitching on this on Saturdays for my Saturday Night Stitch project.

Tater progress. These are the Fingerlings (back) and the Kennebecs. I'll be cutting them and coating them with wood ash in the next day or so in preparation of planting.

These are Red Norland taters. Look at that growth! So pretty and green, which is what you want when you plant them.

Damage to our tree from the recent snow storm. DH pulled out and cut out all the broken limbs yesterday to take to the curb for weekly pickup. He still needs to get the saw and climb the ladder to tidy up the bigger branches.

Signs of spring! These are some of my daylilies coming back from their dormant period. Take heart, all of those in the north with feet of snow on the ground! Spring is coming!


Spring can't get here fast enough! Your LHN wip is very pretty!
stitchinfiend said…
Love your LHN Seasonal Saltbox - just lovely
Anonymous said…
Your saltbox piece is lookig mighty good, Stephanie!

Tell the tree man to be super careful!

And your taters look like they are going to provide you with a bountiful crop!

Definitely ready for spring to arrive! The taters are looking ready to go into the ground and I love your LHN piece.
Mylene said…
Your LHN piece is looking beautiful. Oh, i can't wait for Spring to come.