A Finish and Catching Up

I put the final stitches in "Give" by Plum Street Samplers during the first half of the Super Bowl game. I have thoroughly enjoyed stitching this piece. I just love everything about it, the design, the colors, the fibers...everything!

Give by Plum Street Samplers

Stitched on 32 ct. Chalice linen from Picture This Plus

Fibers: Belle Soie silks from Crescent Colours

Conversions, for those of you who've asked~
Attic Tea~vines
Fawn~bodies on birds, lg. nut on top left, sm. nut on bottom right
Mudpie~cluster of nuts on top right, nut on bottom left
Pumpkin Carriage~light wings on birds, crown motif
Lasagna~flowers, heart motif, flowers on vine in center
Tortoise Shell~words, initials, date, eyes on birds, inside and outside borders

Now then, the captions for the pics from Wordless Wednesday.
Sedum "Autumn Joy" starting to stick its nose out from the ground. This goes dormant during the winter but is usually one of the first things to show life in late winter/early spring.

Hannah Grace enjoying the clean afghan on the back of the couch. It's unusual for her to be up here, so I couldn't resist the photo op.

A woodpecker on the telephone pole!

My pound cake. Looks lovely, doesn't it?

After I turned it out onto the plate. Not so lovely, is it? You'll be glad to know it was absolutely delicious, though! I might have to make another one!


Mylene said…
"Give" looks beautiful! Congrats on finishing it.

I love pound cake!
stitchinfiend said…
Give is just gorgeous and thanks for the explanation of your pics.
Lisa said…
I am loving the Plum Street Sampler patterns, and yours looks amazing. Well done!
Beautiful finish - the colors are really pretty!
Congratulations on your finish...I love that pattern too. It is so pretty...I dearly love the colors.

Take care & Happy Stitching
Hugs from Very Cold Northern Indiana
Linda K, Railroad
Julie M said…
Your "Give" is beautiful! Thanks for the conversion!
Very beautiful finish, Stephanie. Congrats!!

Happy Stitching ... Sandy
Anonymous said…
Wow, Stef! Congratulations on your Give finish! Love your color changes! I also enjoy your Wordless Wednesday pics followed by the captions!

Have a terrific week!

Meari said…
Congrats on finishing "Give" :)
Elaine said…
Congratulations on your finish, love the colours!
kimstitch3 said…
looks great Stephanie. I'm glad I took the time to see your conversions, I was about to email remind you I need it.lol. Take care and thanks for posting the pretty color conversions.Kimberly