What Were Those Pictures?

The lettuce bed with several different types of lettuces. We cover it up when it gets below freezing (or if it snows!) and uncover it during the day so it can get some sun. We've been enjoying the various types of lettuces and they're all quite tasty! (Please disregard the dead tomato plants in the background! LOL)

Our lone cabbage plant. It's doing fairly well considering it was just a wee delicate sprout when we stuck it in the ground. I had the top half of a water bottle over it to protect it from the monsoons we had because the poor little thing would get beaten down into the ground when it would rain.

Fudge! The folks at work have been eating this for the past 3 days.

The Lizzie Kate "Joy" ornie that I stitched several years ago and finished rather primitively. It *was* hanging on the tree. Found it like this on Tuesday evening. Wonder how it got there?!?

The pretty ornament my friend Robin stitched and sent to me for Christmas. I absolutely love it and it looks so lovely on my tree. I don't remember who the designer is, though it looks like either Bent Creek or Heart in Hand, but it's on blue fabric. She also sent me several other goodies including two other ornaments (not stitched), a little book on friendship, a mini Longaberger basket, and a beautiful piece of fabric. Wooohoo! Stitchin' friends are the best!



Anonymous said…
Your lettuce looks very tasty, Stef! Hope your cabbage plant survives! As for the ornament, it is a Bent Creek (from the 2003 ornament). I think I took it off your ornament list from last year! LOL

Enjoy it and the rest of your goodies! I like your Joy ornament! Who was the culprit - Callie or Hannah?