Let There Be Birds!

I've been stitching on PSS's "Give" the past 2 days. Here's an update of my progress.

In real life, the birds aren't as dark as they appear in the picture. Okay, the whole piece isn't as dark as in the pic! The birds aren't as big as I thought they were going to be either. For some reason, by looking at the pic on the chart, the birds appear huge, but they're not too stitching intensive and they really stitch up fairly quickly. They don't take a ton of floss either, another good thing. I'm going to start working on the wings, which are a lighter orange. I need to figure out what color to do the eyes, too. I'm thinking either the darkest part of the Tortoiseshell, which is what the border is done in, or even the darkest part of whatever that color is that the smaller nuts are stitched in. Can you tell my mind is going?!? Maybe I'll stitch one in each color and leave it just to see if anyone notices! LOL

We're expecting more SNOW today. Blech! I'm really not happy about that since I have to go to work and possibly drive home in the slop. Texas just isn't prepared for snow. We don't have snow plows and we don't have the equipment to keep the roadways clear and safe. I really would like to stay home today if it's going to snow. It's so much prettier to watch it from the inside while sipping on my mug of hot chocolate than it is to be out in it.

Until next time...keep stitching!



Anonymous said…
Love your update on Give! Go Stephanie! And your new background is wonderful! Reminds me of winter!

Drive safely home!

stitchinfiend said…
I love how this is turning out. It is just lovely. Snow what is that.....LOL
Julie M said…
That's a pretty one! Much prettier than the picture on the chart shows for some reason.

We're expecting more snow here tomorrow. Just what we need on top of the foot we got over Christmas and the foot we got the week before that. I'm ready to be done with snow now!