It Was all about the Cats Yesterday

Since the weather's turned colder, we don't let the cats out into the sunroom because it's just too cold for them. Hannah enjoys sleeping in the "big green ball" during the afternoons. I open up the bedroom blinds so she can catch a few rays. She spends many hours in her ball basking in the sun.

The Christmas tree skirt has been of great interest to Callie this year. I have to straighten the tree skirt DAILY, and sometimes more than once a day!! The cats have been playing under and near the tree and Callie has been playing UNDER the tree skirt. *Sigh* She's never paid attention to the tree in years previous, so this year it's a whole new experience for us all. This picture is mild to how I've found the tree skirt at other times.

Callie has a new napping spot. I put this old afghan on the back of the couch in the living room and Callie's claimed it as "her" spot. She prefers to sleep on it in the evenings, but I have found her in there during the morning hours as well. Callie loves a comfy afghan! I have another one that we got as a wedding present from a lady in our church and whenever I pull it out, Callie is on it immediately.

I'm making progress on my Emmanuel ornie! I'll have it finished soon, so be watching this spot!


Jan said…
The pics of the girls are so sweet, Stef! That green ball of Hannah's does look mighty comfy. Boo is now sleeping on my bed, right in the spot that I lay. Know it will be good and warm for me, when I get in it!

I just love your new background, the colors really make me feel very festive. The colors are definitely my favorite for Christmas. (^-^)
Anonymous said…
Maybe I need to borrow Hannah's green ball or Callie's afghan! Do you think they would share?

Does Callie like the ornaments or just the tree skirt?

Joyful said…

Not sure if I may have written you in the past but appreciate that you immediately state that you are a Christian on your blog. I too enjoy cross stitching and create designs that feature Bible verse. There is a free design you may want to download called, "His Name is Jesus" that has blessed many.

Keep being a "Light".