I Little of This, A Little of That, and An Itty Bitty Finish

The Christmas season is in full swing at work and so I come home exhausted with no desire to do anything except sit and veg out in front of the TV or the computer. All the hustle and bustle does provide for some interesting stories, though. Take for instance the woman who wanted to return some items she purchased mid-November so she could use her $10 off coupon on Dec. 11th. (Uhhhh....no, ma'am!) There's also the individual who called and asked if we'd found her child's "very special" blue plastic pencil sharpener. (They sell those really cheap at Wal-Mart and the Dollar Store.) And there was the woman who acted put out that I'd called to let her know that she'd left her American Express card at our store and that we were holding it in the safe for her. Then, yesterday, we had a very arrogant man come in and want a specific bible in a different translation, but at the sale price of the other Bible. (Ummm...NO!!!!) Then there are the older ladies who come in wearing TONS of perfume, enough that you can smell them at 30 feet and still sneeze. Tis the season for the crazy people to come out of the woodwork!!!

The husband has been so wonderful, making dinner and helping out in the kitchen. Okay, he wasn't quite so wonderful the night I came home and he was extremely grumpy, but that was only once and then he came down with a bad head cold. I have no compassion for him and he wants me to baby him. That doesn't go over too well! LOL

The Christmas tree is up and in the process of being decorated. I had to stop hanging ornaments on it because I couldn't find my ornament hangers. You know, I put them "somewhere I'd remember them" while packing up the decorations last year. Last year was the year I moved the Christmas decorations from the 15,000 cardboard boxes they'd been in for the past 20 years to plastic totes. It was a moment of brilliance, except the part where I didn't put the ornament hangers with the ornaments. Very late on Sunday night when I should've been in bed, I was digging through one of the totes still in the closet, without a light bulb, I might add, when I found a brand new package of 150 ornament hangers. Woohoo!! Do I have 150 ornaments that need hangers? I doubt it, but one can never have too many ornament hangers. Then, Monday morning while laying over The Bean and stretching my back, I found the stupid bag or ornament hanger I spent half the previous evening looking for as well as....you guessed it!...another brand new, unopened package of 150 ornament hangers!! I am so set for life on ornament hangers!

In the midst of all the chaos and fun of the season, I've been doing a bit of stitching. Not much, but some. On the SanMan message board, Sandy is hosting an ornament SAL with a new complimentary (for members of the board only) ornament each week. I managed to finish up this little cutie posted 2 weeks ago this past Sunday. (Have I been stitching on my incentive piece on Sundays??? Noooooooooo! LOL) Please excuse its unironed-ness. I was just happy to get the thing finished.

Itty Bitty Star
Design by SanMan Originals (complimentary for board members only)
Stitched on 28 ct. Autumn Fields linen using DMC fibers

I have now moved on to the Emmanuel ornament from Plum Street Samplers that's been a pain in my side since I started stitching it! Here's the latest progress scan I have of it.

If I remember correctly, I had already frogged part of the dove and restarted it. Then I had to frog some of the viney stuff. I put it down and didn't work on it again until this week. I'm happy to say that I finished that blasted dove yesterday! I did have to frog a little bit again, but nothing like the last time! I must be dyslexic or ADD when it comes to stitching because it's obvious I can't follow a pattern for long. LOL When next you see this, it will be finished.

Lastly, in closing, if you haven't seen it yet, I added snow to my blog. We don't get too much snow here. We get ice. I figured this was the only way I'd get a decent amount of snow. Plus, it's been like the frozen tundra down here lately. What is up with this frigid weather in Texas?!?

Until next time, I wish you a joyous Christmas season!


Anonymous said…
Hey Stef~

I see your snow! Like your snowflake border, too! Please send your tundra cold weather to me!

Glad you found your hangers!

Kathy said…
I love your Itty Bitty Star ornie.
As for the hangers, if you leave them on the ornaments when you put them away, like I do, you don't have to worry about searching for them....until some dear friend sends you a new ornie. LOL