Who Sent the Frog Back to Me???

Last night as I was finishing up my stitching for the evening on Emmanuel, I noticed a mistake in my stitching. Now, I want to know just who sent that frog back to me?!? I haven't decided whether or not to frog it or to just work around the mistake, yet. I'm going to put this away for the week and work on my exchange piece and then I'll turn my attention back to this monster.

Here's where I started last night for Saturday Night Stitch:

And here's where I finished:

You're not imagining things if you look at the wing in the upper right part. The bird is right side up, but I've been stitching it upside down (turn my fabric and my chart upside down). Everyone take cover, I've sent that little frog packing!!

Closing with some views from my flower and veggie beds today.

Blue Bedder Sage & Rudbeckia

Mr. Lumpy Pumpkin getting his color on.

Garlic getting its stalk and leaves.

A view of the lettuce bed (& weeds--mixed greens!)

Baby spinach plants


kimstitch3 said…
hee hee hee, I didnt send the frog to you literally, however I did give him a swift kick a week or two back. i was having all sorts of stitching issues and dirt on my stitching and washing it making it bleed etc, so I'm sorry he came to visit you,but soooo glad he is gone from me. Just pass him on hon.Take care,Kimberly
Kathy said…
I didn't send him to you. Please don't send him to me! I've had one off and on for 2 weeks.
Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear about the frog paying you yet another visit! Maybe you should feed him some of that garlic you are growing!

So Stef, where did you get the idea to stitch upside down? LOL

Your plants look great especially Mr. Lumpy Pumpkin and the baby spinach!

Julie M said…
Sorry about your visitor. Hope he stays away for a while now!