What Were Those Pictures Thursday

In honor of Veteran's Day (Remembrance Day or Armistice Day, depending on where you live) yesterday, the first 2 pics I posted were pics of poppies from my yard this past spring. I've become fond of poppies over the past couple of years. I've scatted TONS of seeds already in hopes of a pretty "field" of poppies in my flower beds in the early spring next year.

Fall is arriving in North Texas. The big oak tree in my back yard is starting to show its fall colors. While I love the colors of the leaves in the fall, I'm not too fond of raking them up once they fall to the ground!

The holly bush outside our bedroom window is starting to put out its berries for the winter birds. I'd really be happy if that bush withered up and died, but it does provide berries for the birds during the winter and shelter for them as well.

Hannah's sleeping spot in the afternoon is a small patch of sunlight. She napped in this spot for much of the afternoon.

Callie loves the sun and she hurried down the hall to get the "primo" afternoon napping spot, which is why Hannah was in her cat bed on the floor. However, Callie didn't stay in the window for very long before she went out to the sunroom and slept for the afternoon.

The garlic is growing! Not sure why the one on the right is so much bigger than the one on the left, but it is. I'm still waiting for the smaller bulblets to sprout. I think I might be waiting for awhile...


CindyMae said…
Here in West Texas we usually don't get to experience the changing colors in Fall. The leaves just die and fall off but this year we are actually getting to see some of those wonderful colors!!!