It Was Bound to Happen

My first garlic pod has sprouted!! We now have 2 sprouts with more on the way.

This is my luscious Pumpkin Pound Cake and two small pumpkins from my garden. The cake is absolutely delish! I think I'll post the recipe over on my recipe blog in the near future.

On to the title of my post...

This is my progress as of Monday night on my Emmanuel ornie from Plum Street Samplers. It's a fairly straight-forward, easy to stitch design.

Here's my "progress" picture of Emmanuel after FROGGING on Tuesday night. It was bound to happen; that blasted frog came for a visit. *sigh* A most unwelcome guest! I didn't even have the welcome mat out for him!!

I am back on the right track now, though, and should have a true progress pic to show in a few days.


Anonymous said…
Sorry you had to frog Emmanual, Stephanie! Hope it will be frog-free sailing until it's finished!

How was the pumpkin cake?

Charlene said…
Um hu - no sooner the words, easy, straight forward, or this-is-really-going-along-so-well, come off the tip of the brain than the old frogger himself is summoned! I kid - the ornie is looking great! The cake looks yummy, too.