Happy 4th Gotcha Day to Hannah Grace!

Four years ago today, the husband and I went to the pound and rescued a malnourished, skinny, flea-infested waif of a kitten. They told us at the pound that she was approximately 7 months old and she only weighed 4 pounds. She was quiet on the ride home, which was a good sign since she was in a cardboard carrier. We didn't expect to adopt, we only went to look so we didn't have an appropriate carrier for her. Even when we brought her home, she was a little love bug. I think she knew she'd found her forever people and that she was greatly loved. She's provided us so much love, laughter, and silliness in her four short years with us. It's hard to imagine our home without her.

Here are some then and now pics of her.

Then~on her first day home and then more a few weeks later.

Now~As an adult, several pics over the past couple of years.

Love this Hannah-bug!



Anonymous said…
Hannah certainly doesn't look that scrawny little bundle you came home with 4 years ago, Stef! She has turned into a beauty!

Happy day to you, Miss Hannah!

Anonymous said…
She's a beautiful girl!
Karen said…
Oh, what a pretty girl she it!