Monday, November 09, 2009

Give Progress

This is going to become known as my bent needle project! I somehow managed to bend one of my high-dollar My Favorite Needle needles somewhere along the way of my short time stitching on this beauty. The only thing I can thing that happened was that the needle was stuck into one of the corners of my fabric while it was still in the q-snaps. When I took the snaps off, I must've pulled the needle out or something. Who knows?!? All I know is that I'm stitching with a bent needle and y'all aren't any the wiser! LOL Here she is in all her glory, as of the end of the Cowboys vs. Eagles game where my Boyz whooped up on the birds 20-14.

How 'bout dem Cowboys?!? They're now 6-2 for the season (6 wins, 2 losses for all you non-football folks) and in sole possession of their division. Nice to see Tony smiling again and having fun playing.


Carol said...

What a pretty start this is, Stephanie! Love the colors...

Charlene said...

That bent needle is doing some pretty stitching! I usually have a couple of those in my cushion, too!

CindyMae said...

Well the project is looking gorgeous! I have a tendency to hold my needels really tight at times (that causes my hands to hurt so I should not do it) and I have bent a few needles that way.

How bout them boys!!!! I am thrilled they won! 1st in their devision sounds just awesome don't it!! Them boys are doing pretty good. Like you, glad to see Romo smiling!

Anonymous said...

Hey Stef-

Give looks fabulous even with the bent needle! Love your colors!

Glad the 'Boys are doing well!