Words for Wordless Wednesday's Pics

My first purple coneflower bloom! I sowed these during the winter as part of my winter sowing project. Planted them out in April and now I've got a bloom! Ain't she purdy?

This is one of the blooms on my bulbine plant. These things have been blooming like crazy all summer.

California Wonder red bell peppers. This was the plant I was harvesting peppers off of when I tried to take off my finger. Look at all those luscious peppers!

These are my lettuce seedlings. I write the variety on the handle of the fork so I'll know later on which variety I'm harvesting. Lettuce likes cool weather, so we have to grow them in the fall and early spring down here. My DH transplanted the seedlings yesterday.

Part of our harvest this past Sunday. We had twice as many cherry tomatoes as shown in this picture! We've had them with everything served this week! LOL

My new start, "Give" by Plum Street Samplers. This is really a bad pic as the colors are really much brighter in person. I'm so loving this piece!

In other news, I only get 2 of my 5 stitches out on Tuesday. :( I have to go back tomorrow to see if the rest are ready to come out.


Anonymous said…
I love seeing your garden pictures, Stef! Did you make salsa?