Thursday's Captions from Wordless Wednesday

1. My progress on Plum Street Samplers' "Give". I'm stitching this in a fall palette with Belle Soie silks. I'm so loving this piece!

2. My first finish in the Seasonal Saltbox series from Little House Needleworks. Blessed are the Meek is stitched on 32 ct. Maritime White linen. I've already started the next one in the series!

3. Rock Rose seedlings I found when cleaning out my winter sowing jugs. I thought the seeds didn't make it, but I guess they just needed some really hot days and drought conditions! LOL After the first fall rains, these little things showed up.

4. Broccoli plants waiting to be put in the ground. Another "after-the-rain" pic. Seems like all we've had lately is rain.

5. The Chocolate Chocolate Chip Poundcake I baked for a co-worker's birthday. She turned 21, is away from home, and loves chocolate. It was awesome!!


Anonymous said…
Well, I love your fall palette on Give! And that chocolate chocolate chip poundcake looks yummy!

Your plants and seedlings are still looking good, Stef!

CindyMae said…
Oh no! I did not realize that the Blessed are the Meek is a part of a series so I had to go look it up! Well lets put it this way . . . they are all fixing to be on my wish list!! LOL Oh and How Bout Them Boys???
Kathy said…
I love the colors you are using on Give and love Blessed Are the Meek. The chocolate pund cake looks delicious!