Does anyone happen to have a spare ark I could borrow?? Goodness, we've had such a wet October! We got another 4.5" of rain yesterday. Thankfully there were no serious storms, just gentle rain, but a couple of inches would've been plenty for me. The rain did usher in a cold front which left behind some wind and much desired cooler temperatures. There was a bit of sun today, but the clouds quickly came back and sent Mr. Sun back into hiding. We'll enjoy the cooler temps and the relief from the heat they bring. Pretty soon, it'll be downright cold and nasty and I'll be complaining about that! LOL

Here's the scoop on yesterday's pictures.

Hannah Grace, chillin' out on her comforter

Callie, chillin' out in one of her many sleeping spots. Just love that her rear paw is up on the side of the bed!! Such a character!

My progress on Blessed are the Meek after stitching on it during Saturday Night Stitch.

Bees enjoying the Blanket Flower. Did you spy 2 bees? One is on the flower and the one on the right is in flight.

Some of our fall lettuce seedlings. They are enjoying all the rain we've been having, as evidenced by the sprouts of weeds or seeds or something that doesn't belong in the veggie garden.

One of the 2 remaining pumpkins. I hope this one makes it to maturity!

My gorgeous Toad Lilies finally blooming!


Anonymous said…
Why are they called Toad Lilies? Hannah and Callie look so comfy! And hope your pumpkin matures!

Cindy Mae said…
Love your blog!!! Your stitching is wonderful! Love the garden and your cats are just gorgeous!!!

I got your blog addy from 123 Stitch and then seen that you are from Texas and an obvious Cowboys fan! Me too! From Texas and LOVE Them boys! Anyway, what part of Texas are you from?

Adding your blog to my blog reader so I will be back often!