I Met my Great Nephew!

I've been a great aunt for 21 years, but now I'm a Great Aunt! On September 19th, my niece had a little boy, named Lucian Zayne. He's such a little cutie, even if he's a bit on the little side. My niece and both of her brothers were chunkers and weighed almost 9 lbs when born. They all had chunky little legs and arms and chubby cheeks. Little Lucian is a skinny little guy with long, skinny arms & legs and long fingers. He's such a good little baby, for which I'm thankful.

My niece and her brothers all call me "Aunt Stef", but when they were learning to talk it came out "Aunt Tef", usually run together so it was really "Auntef"! LOL So, here's little Lucian meeting his "Aunt Teffie" for the first time. (Yes, I cried!)

He's a very attentive little boy, listening to everything and studying me. Then, he started cooing and smiling for me!! I even got to see the tiny dimple in his left cheek! (Awww!) He definitely looks like his Dad, but has his Mom's coloring and hair. He definitely has her lungs! LOL

Here he is playing party games with his mom. He was the star of the party, after all.

Here's my niece, Lauren, Lucian's mom. His dad came to the party, but had to leave early to go to work, so I didn't get a family pic. :(

I think I'm in love....


Jan said…
Awww,,,Auntie Steffie, what lovely pics! And Lil Lucian is such a doll! Glad you got to 'talk' with him and love on him, there is nothing better!!

Get some much needed rest! Hugs!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful pics, Auntef! What a cute little burrito he is! :) Glad you were able to get there and spend some time with your family!

Now, rest up!

Cindy F. said…
How precious!