"Give" is Coming Along

I have been working on Plum Street Samplers' "Give" this week. This is my piece for the incentive round on the Only One Ewe message board group. I know that some of you have requested a conversion. I'm working on a complete conversion and will post it soon, so stay tuned! I played around with the settings on this scan and the colors are much truer to the colors in real life, at least on my monitor!

In the garden, things are enjoying the cooler temps we've been having. We have 3 baby pumpkins. These aren't big carving pumpkins, but smaller baking pumpkins. My hope was to get enough to make canned pumpkin to use in baking and for our kitties. Callie, my older cat, has kidney problems. As a result, she also gets constipated and the pumpkin keeps her regular. We give it to Hannah just because she likes it.

DH transplanted the lettuce and spinach seedlings into his new garden plot. They took a beating a couple of days ago in a rain storm, but they're looking good. We're expecting more rain this weekend, so we'll have to wait and see how they fare. He also transplanted some of his cantaloupe seedlings. Don't think they'll do anything, but he's so proud the seeds sprouted at all, so into the ground they went!

Until next time...!


kimstitch3 said…
Very pretty Stephanie. I love the colors you are using too. Take cre and happy stitching to you.Kimberly
Kimstitches3 on blogspot
Beautiful stitching Steph - the flowers are gorgeous. Your bitty pumpkin is so cute and what a good kitty mom you are!
Stephanie said…
From one Stephanie to another, I love your three blogs! Enjoyed reading them. Found some great recipes, gardening tips and stitching ideas. I am a quilter but very often use stitching in my labels and as embellishments in my quilts. Thanks for sharing all this great information. I will look forward to following your blog! Thanks, Stephanie from Maryland!
Anonymous said…
Look at that itty bitty pumpkin! What a cutie! Both Callie and Hannah are lucky to have you for a Mom!

Terrific progress on Give!

Jan said…
Love how Give is coming along! Those colors are perfect!! Congrats on the seedlings, to Mark!
Cindy F. said…
Congrats on your beautiful LHN finish!!! I LOVE it!