It's a Wrap and I'm Building an Ark!

Design: City Stitcher Country Stitcher
Designer: Little House Needleworks
Fabric: 32 ct. Autumn Harvest from R&R Reproductions
Fibers: DMC and Crescent Colours

I'm so happy to have this one finished! It's a former incentive piece project from 2007. I remember stitching on it while my husband was in the hospital after falling from a ladder. After I brought him home, I was so busy taking care of him and doing everything else, that this went by the wayside. I did leave off the weather vane on the "country" house on the right. It has French Knots on it and I was having all kinds of problems getting the knots to stay on the top side of the fabric! I love doing French Knots and normally don't have any problems, but today was not my day!!

This was our rain gauge on Friday night. We had 3.75" of rain on Friday night between 6pm and 11pm. That's an insane amount of rain for such a relatively short period of time. It rained fairly hard for about 2 hours with lots of thunder and lightning. However, it didn't stop there! This morning, I dumped out another 3.5" of rain, and we've received almost another 1/2" today! We're supposed to get more this evening and into tomorrow. I feel like a hurricane has come ashore and we're getting the after effects. I'm thinking I might need to start building an ark! Here are some pics from my morning stroll of the yard in the drizzle this morning.

Crepe Myrtle blooms laden down with rain

Rock Rose (I LOVE this plant!!)

A very wet Blanket Flower. I have another one that shows a very soggy flower head.

Black-Eyed Susan

This bucket hasn't been emptied since the rains started. Just think, there's more water in it now!


Karen said…
Beautiful finish, Stephanie! I think it looks good without a weather vane.
Kathy said…
Great finish, Stephanie.

I know that "build an ark" feeling well.
Julie M said…
Your finish is beautiful! Glad you were able to finish if finally. We have something in common, my husband fell off a ladder too, twice! I don't let him on ladders anymore. The first fall almost killed him, the second just snapped his wrist.

That's a lot of rain. The flowers look pretty though, they must be loving it.
Anonymous said…
Awesome finish, my friend! Love it! I have the perfect spot for it to hang if you want to send it my way!

Your flowers are looking fabulous!

Have you grown webbed feet yet?