What a Way to End the Week!

So sorry I didn't get on here before now to tell you what I'd posted on Wordless Wednesday, but we had a late summer Texas storm blow through on Thursday evening. Lots of thunder and lightning. Apparently, lightning struck the electric transformer between our neighbor's house and the neighbor 2 doors down from us. We were without electricity from just before 9pm until just before 5am. Let me tell you, it was NOT a comfortable evening!! We opened all the windows in the house which let in all the warm humid air from outside. There was NO breeze at all! It was a bit cooler than the air inside the house, though, so that was a relief. I couldn't sleep. My husband couldn't sleep. The cats wanted to sleep in bed with us and let me tell you, their little furry bodies are HOT! I don't know how many times I moved one or the other cat out of the bed and into one of their beds throughout the night. I was stressed out thinking I wasn't going to be able to make it to work on Thursday, not because we wouldn't have hot water (gas water heater), but because we wouldn't have electricity to use the blow dryer to dry my hair! LOL Needless to say, I didn't get a lot of sleep on Thursday night and have spent the past 2 days recuperating. I'm not 20 anymore and it takes time to get over a major upheaval to my schedule like this!! LOL

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Now then, on to the pictures, which is really why you read this blog, I'm sure!

1. Pumpkin vines growing across my flower bed in the front yard. Thankfully, the neighbor doesn't mind if the vines grow over the wall and onto their grass. "If it will kill the grass and keep us from having to mow it, that's fine with me!" These vines are LONG!! The leaves are HUGE!! I had no idea when we planted them that they'd grow so fast, so long, and so big!

2. Maters, baby!! The fall maters have started setting and ripening. I'm so excited! I've missed fresh maters from the garden the past month or so. There's nothing like fresh maters from the backyard!

3. Rock Rose flower. I absolutely LOVE this plant. It gets huge and out of control, though, so I pulled out the original plant we put in 3 years ago. Every summer, we get babies that spring up. This year, we've had more volunteers than in any year before. We transplanted one to our backyard flower bed and I'll pull some of these up and put them in the compost pile and others I'll dig up and give away.

4. Cutleaf Rudbeckia. Simply says summer!

5. Callie in Mark's lap, an amazing picture to be sure. When Mark and I started dating, Callie didn't like Mark and Mark wasn't a fan of cats. Now, Callie will jump up in Mark's lap, give him head butts, and not run away from him. Mark has learned to love cats, tolerates them sleeping in bed with us, and spoils them just as much as I do! In this pic, Callie actually had her little head resting on his arm. Too sweet!!


Jan said…
That is an upheaval! I remember when we lived in Cincinnati, we were without power for 3 days, due to an ice storm in April! Not fun, let me tell you! Glad that you are back 'on schedule' so to speak!