More Progress on Heart of America

I spent my weekend working on LHN's Heart of America. I am now trying to decide if I want to put my initials in this box, or just leave it plain.

Here's the original for you to see where the initials are supposed to go.

So whaddya think? Initials or not??


Karen said…
I think yes. The bottom of the basket is so narrow that the initials kind of balance out the block, in my mind. It's looking great!
Julie M said…
I say initials!! Beautiful work Stephanie. Will you use the same frame as the sample?
Mary Beth said…
Hmmm. I like the initials because I think it balances the square, but I think the square would look just fine without them as well.

Ahhh - help from a fence-sitter! LOL
Anonymous said…
Bird says initials! You could put mine in and then I wouldn't have to stitch it! LOL

It is looking awesome!