Heart of America Progress Update

Here it is as of last night. I'm heading into the home stretch, but I don't know if my arm, neck, and upper back muscles can handle the pain and tightness finishing it will bring about. Thankfully, I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow! LOL

In other news, I'm on vacation this week! So far, I've done a bunch of nothing, and it's felt great! I have managed to take a nap each day, watch a couple of movies, and stitch. Yesterday morning, before it got really hot, I got out in the garden and pulled out the horrible looking cantaloupe vines. The plan is to start working on that bed for fall planting. So far, that hasn't happened!

I have been having fun in the kitchen! Sunday evening, I made some homemade flour tortillas. They were really good. Last night, I made Cowboy Cookies. They were amazingly good! My husband tasted one and declared them to be "really good". He then proceeded to eat several more! You can check my food blog (link on the right) for the recipes for both of these. (Hint! Hint!) Today, we're grilling chicken using a new marinade recipe and I'll also be making a pasta salad, also using a new recipe.

In closing, here's a picture of Hannah, enjoying the morning sun.


Anonymous said…
Terrific progress on your LHN piece, Stef! Hannah looks so content in the sun!

Anonymous said…
PS...Why are they called Cowboy Cookies? They look so yummy!

Deb said…

Your WIP is just beautiful. I can't wait to see it finished. Hope you enjoy your message.
Julie M said…
I really want that Heart of America piece! It is gorgeous! The recipes sound good, I'll have to check out the other blog!

Could Hannah look any more comfortable??
Mary Beth said…
Heart of America is looking super, Stephanie! I will be looking forward to working on it when you finish yours! :)

Hannaha looks quite content in the window sling. They do love that sun, don't they?

Hope you have enjoyed your vacation week!