Clarification and Floss Toss

I have not started "Give". The WIP picture I posted yesterday of "Give" by Plum Street Samplers was not my work. I saw this pic on a cross stitch message board last year sometime and I loved the conversion, so I saved the picture to remind me of how I wanted mine to look. The stitcher stitched her piece on Autumn Splendor fabric from Sassy's Fabrics.

Here's my fabric and floss combination for "Give". It's a bit more yellow than the picture of the person's WIP I posted yesterday. However, the fibers still look great on it! (If I do say so myself! LOL)

32 ct. Chalice from Picture This Plus with Belle Soie silks from Crescent Colours

Attic Tea~vines
Fawn~dark on birds (wings) and larger nuts
Mudpie~smaller nuts
Pumpkin Carriage~light part on the birds (bodies)
Tortoise Shell~urn

I do believe this is going to be my next incentive piece!


Anonymous said…
Such a good choice! No changing your mind allowed! LOL And thanks for mentioning the fabric color! Looks great with the threads!

Karen said…
Stephanie, I love this color conversion for give! Oh gosh, I think this one is going to have to come live with me!
Julie M said…
Thanks for the conversion info Stephanie! I've printed it out and have added it to the pile!
Charlene said…
It'll be a must for your blog picture - notice how well it matches?? Very nice choices!!