Captions for Wednesday's Pictures

1, 2, & 3 are floss tosses I did for my next ornie. I decided to go with the third fabric choice, which really makes the colors "pop", but the pic I took of it is horrible!

4-Summer Welcome section I'm working on. This is my "before" picture.

5-Summer Welcome progress after 50 mins. of stitching.

6-Toad Lily blooming in my front yard. The flowers are so small and only last a day.

7-Pumpkins we transplanted to the front flower bed. These are doing the best. The rest of them have been attacked by squash vine borers and aren't doing well. We've treated the plants, but I'm not sure it's enough to save them.

8-Pink Skullcap, a great little plant that makes the most brilliant hot pink flowers.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the re-cap, Stef!

Love your floss toss pictures!