And Then There Were Two

Two choices, that is! The next incentive round starts in September, so I've been diving through my stash trying to find the perfect piece to stitch. The only stipulation is that it has to be at least 120 stitches x 120 stitches. Considering that I don't have very many large patterns in my stash, it's always an adventure to find something to stitch. You can stitch 2 designs to add up to the 120x120 size requirement, but I prefer to stitch one if at all possible. Who needs another WIP to worry about?!?

Here are the two semi-finalists:

Quaker Christmas Samplers by Carriage House Samplings

I'd do the one in the first (top) picture as it's the one that meets the size requirements. I'd have to stitch it in either a red/green combo or monochromatic with either a nice Christmas green or a rich Christmas red.

Give by Plum Street Samplers is the other design I'm considering.

I would stitch it in a different color palette, already converted to CC's Belle Soie Silks, to look more like this WIP I saw last year.

I'm leaning more towards the Give piece as I absolutely LOVE the fall/Thanksgiving season. I'm not big on Christmas and decorating for it as I'm usually worn out due to being so busy at work. So, do you see my dilemma??

Now then, the real reason you read my blog...yesterday's pictures!!

1. Okra pods in the blazing sun. I'm so tired of picking okra!
2. Baby watermelon, a nice 'find' on a recent day.
3. Jalapeno peppers in various stages of ripeness.
4. Pumpkin vines in my front flower bed because we ran out of places to plant them in the back yard! LOL
5. Blanket Flowers blooming away in the dog days of summer.


Julie M said…
I love the conversion for Give! Would you mind sharing it?
Tanya said…
My first choice would have been CHS but after seeing the WIP Give I changed my mind. Good luck making a choice both are winners.
Anonymous said…
My vote would be Give! And I love the colour conversion! Come on Stef, you know you want to stitch Give!

Charlene said…
I'd vote - if you were asking - for the Give piece. If you're investing so much time into a piece, do something you LOVE! I also think the conversion colors would be wonderful!