Not Much Progress on Saturday Night Stitch

I've been stitching on my ornie for the past week, but alas, no finish. It just seems that gardening and life get in the way on most days, leaving me spent and lacking no motivation to stitch. It doesn't help that God's turned the heat up outside either. Since we don't want my entire paycheck to go to the electric company, that means the AC doesn't go below 76º in our house, and when it doesn, it doesn't usually last long. Normally, we set it at 78º during the day, which I find stifling, so I turn it to 77º and crank up the ceiling fan.

Also, I've been having a horrible time with tightness in my upper back and shoulders leaving me with headaches that last for a couple of days. It's hard to stitch when your head hurts too much to concentrate! I've started to do some exercises to stretch out those muscles, using my little massager (okay, Mark's been using the massager on me), trying to sit up straight and watch my posture, and I've been limiting the repetitive muscle useage. This has cut down on the muscle spasms and helped relax those muscles, but they're still tight. The chiropractor told me I need to stop doing whatever it was that was making them tense!! Yes, I pay him to tell me this kind of stuff, can you believe!?!

Here's where I started:
Here's where I ended:

In the garden, things are heating up and most of the plants are loving it! The cantaloupes (muskmelons) have finally taken off and are blooming like crazy. The little girl cantaloupes have finally shown up, so maybe we'll have some fruit to show soon. The watermelons are taking over the universe in the backyard. We've got 5 more baby watermelons on the vine right now in addition to the one that we've had forever it seems. That one should be ripe in time for 4th of July. It's just the right size for one serving for both me and Mark. LOL The beans have taken off and I've harvested some of those already. The okra is really starting to shine in the heat. We've battled hornworms on the peppers and the tomatoes and aphids on the okra, peas, and beans continuously since planting. I didn't realize that vegetable gardening was such hard work that required such diligence to fight predators!

Hornworm chowing down on one of the pepper plants.

Jalapeno Peppers (Can we say, "Salsa?")
More Cherry Tomatoes
The watermelon patch overtaking the yard
Okra bloom, finally caught one open!
Sunday's harvest


Terry said…
Love the veggies you have harvested and fruit you will be soon. Don't forget to take pics of the watermelons. Sounds like your chiropractor needs to have a massage therapist in his office to help get your back loose. I'm sure that would help your back tremendously.