LHN Seasonal Saltbox Progress

Here's this past week's progress on my future masterpiece! Thank you to everyone for your encouragement to compensate instead of frogging on that house. While I normally would've just done that, since it wasn't too much to frog and I didn't think the fence would look right next to the house on the right side, I went ahead and frogged. I think that was the right thing for me to do. It probably would've driven me crazy if I didn't frog! I have a boo-boo on the fence, but I'm living with that!

This week, I'll move onto my incentive piece, LHN's "Heart of America". Here's my starting point.

For a peek into the garden, check out my gardening blog, The Haphazard Gardener .

Monarda and Mealy Blue Sage


Julie M said…
Glad you were able to resolve your little frogging issue. It's easy for us to say just leave it but you are the one that has to live with it!
It's going to be really cute when it's finished!

I so want to add Heart of America to my stash but I keep telling myself no! I have enough to do at the moment.

Happy Stitching!
Anonymous said…
Great progress, Stef! Sometimes, it is worth frogging especially if it would bug you too much! Looking forward to seeing more progress on your incentive piece! Go Stef!

Your blooms look fabulous!

Jan said…
Mighty fine progress on both of these! Can't wait to see more!!

Lovely flowers!!
Deb said…
Hi Stephanie,

Your WIP is looking great. Keep on stitching!
Cindy F. said…
If it bugs you, it's best to get the frogging over with:)
Great progress on both pretty wips!