Heart of America Update

This is as far as I got on HOA this past week. I'm doing well on my commitment to stitch for at least one hour a day. It really does help that it's getting hot outside!

This week, I'll move onto an ornie I started last month. I should be able to finish it this week.


kimstitch3 said…
I love this Pattern, you are doing well on it so far, keep it up,KImberly
Cindy F. said…
Great progress Stephanie! Such a pretty design:)
Jan said…
Good for you, Stef, in getting in that hour each day! Nothing like discipline for the summer, huh?

It looks wonderful and can't wait to see more, plus see what ornament you decide to stitch.
Jan said…
Thought I had posted to this already...hmm...anyway, I am proud that you have made some progress on this lovely! Keep up the great work, Steffie!
mark said…

I'm new to your blog. I'm in Austin and a member of the crazy I35 Stitchers. I garden also but this year got a late start so I'm not sure how everything will turn out. LOL...I finally figured out that the grape tomatoes I planted?...actually are roma tomatoes..talk about mislabeling!

I am in a stitching slump right now so I think I'll follow you...at least one hour a day.