Don't Faint!

With the temperatures rising outside and the mosquitoes coming out to play (and bite me), it's time to start my summer hibernation in the nice cool air conditioned house. Since May turned into June so quickly, I decided to be more intentional in my stitching. I've committed to stitch at least one hour daily. An amazing thing happened....progress on my incentive piece!! (*gasp*) I thought I'd totally finished this block, but after I scanned it I realized I forgot the little heart on the bottom swirly thing. It's only about 6 stitches, so I'll do that quickly before starting the next block.

Some sweet scenes from the veggie garden.

Lastly, my husband was up at 3AM a few nights ago doing a breathing treatment (asthma) and this is how he found our 2 girls.

They seldom tolerate each other when awake, but they managed to both snuggle up on this old comforter and sleep the night away. I didn't know we had a double bed for them! :)


Joyful said…

The kittens are adorable!

I couldn't help but notice that you enjoy cross stitching and are a Christian. You may want to visit my website at and download the free chart of "His Name is Jesus" as it has blessed many.

Keep being a light and witness!

Jan said…
Love it that you are stitching again! That is so pretty, I love the colors in this project! One of these days, I am just going to have to stitch it!:)

Love your veges, they are thriving with you and Mark's loving all of that rain you have been having, makes for a very happy garden!:)
Kathy said…
Your finished block looks great! I just loved stitching this piece.
Your garden picutes are gorgeous. I wish I had your green thumb.