A Wee Bit of Progress

I'm still plugging away on LHN's Heart of America. Didn't get much done on it this past week as my mother-in-law came back from Tennessee with my husband. Much of my free time was devoted to her this week and not my stitching.

Here it is after a couple more hours on it this week. My house is now complete and I'm working on framing the windows and the door.

I'm planning on moving onto something different this week, but I don't know what! It's not like I don't have anything else to work on. I'm definitely not hurting for anything to stitch! LOL

I'm also slowing finishing the de-cluttering in the middle bedroom. That also got put on hold last week. With all the computer parts I've found, computers could be built for everyone in my family! Sheesh! What in the world do you do with all this junk?!? Yesterday, I opened a box here in the den, and it had more empty boxes of computer stuff in it (hard drives, computer software, etc.). Good grief! My husband told me last night that he was thinking of bringing back a CHAIR from his mother's. I told him in no uncertain terms, "NO!!!!!!!!!!!" I'm tired of my house looking all ghetto and until we get some of the unused furniture out, nothing is coming in. He just doesn't get it....

The garden is growing by leaps and bounds! We've had 3" of rain in the past week which makes for very happy plants. The string for the beans will go up this week as well as the trellis for the peas. The watermelon are starting to send out their vines and I've seen little flower buds on them. The mater plants are filling in and starting to look less anemic. The onions are doing great, finally standing up on their own and filling out. The radishes are almost ready to pick!! The squash are blooming and setting fruit. I'm so excited! I love to see things grow!

Straight Neck squash blooms above bring baby squash below!

The plant that brought me these beauties below may have lost its life. It was blown over in the 60mph winds we had on Saturday afternoon. I came home to find it laying on the ground, beaten down by the wind and the driving rain. I staked it up yesterday afternoon and hopefully, it'll revive itself and continue to bloom like crazy.


Sheila said…
oh what beautiful flowers, a thought wouldn't it be great to design a cross stitch of these flowers and you would have them forever....

love your blog
Hugs Sheila x