May I Have Your Attention Please?

This is a stitching-related post. Well, okay, mostly stitching related! LOL Just wanted to let you all know that I've been stitching!!! It's nothing big and it's not any of my current WIPs, but the important thing is that I'm putting needle and thread to fabric and ornament!!

I actually started this ornie a few weeks ago, got it about two-thirds stitched and decided I didn't like the fabric color I'd started it on. Since it's such a cutie, though, I went diving into my stash and found a nice piece of blue fabric to stitch him on and restarted it late last week. Here's my little bit of progress on Another Snowman Ornament (I'm not kidding you; that's its name), a newsletter freebie, by Val's Stitching Stuff. He's on some kind of blue fabric and stitched using Crescent Colours threads.

I'm still working a lot outside in the gardens, both the veggie and the flower gardens. As a matter of fact, I planted some more flowers yesterday and Mark's been busy building another vegetable bed so that we can plant more tomatoes that we picked up over the weekend. Really, can one have too many tomato plants?!?

My daylilies continue to bloom, and I love it! I don't have too many daylilies because they usually only bloom once and then they're finished for the year. I really prefer flowers that have a longer blooming period, but I love the look of daylilies, so I have them in my flower bed.

Pure & Simple, looking purely simple

Golden Girl, very glittery and a pretty golden yellow.

Lastly, San Antonio Firecracker is still popping.


Mary Ivancicts said…
The flowers look lovely! I am waiting for mine to bloom!
Mary Beth said…
Your flowers are so beautiful, Steph! I envy you, seeing all the pretty colors. We don't have a lot of blooming things yet, but at least our trees are leafed out now.

Can't wait to see your finished ornament!
LoriRay said…
Gorgeous flowers! Your ornament looks cute already. I can't wait to see it finished -- I'm a snowman addict. LOL
Cindy F. said…
No, you can not have too many tomato plants!!!
Your flowers are gorgeous!
Can't wait to see more of your snowman:)
Jan said…
Glad you got the needle in motion again, Steffie!! And I love your flower pics and the veges...good for you! They are lovely, especially that Pure and Simple...GORGEOUS!!