Hope & Anticipation

Everything is established in the veggie garden. All the plants are growing and doing well. Fruit is setting on our tomato plants. The yellow squash has 2 little babies on it. The zucchini is starting to put out flowers. The okra has buds. The bell peppers are flowering and setting fruit. The strawberry plant has new buds and may produce another round of fruit. The cantaloupes have started flowering, but haven't put out any female flowers yet. (The boys have to strut their stuff first! LOL)

But this...THIS has been the most exciting thing going on in the garden.

Wednesday (Discovery day)



This is a Sugar Baby watermelon and it's so fun to go out in the garden and check its progress everyday. I love the hope and excitement brought about in the garden. Here's another exciting picture. This should open tomorrow. Will be fun to see what it looks like.


Kathy said…
I can't get over how long your growing season is. Will the watermelon be a big one or one of the smaller round ones?
Beautiful garden pics Steph. Love the progressive pics of the watermelon.
Cindy F. said…
Such a nice blog!! Great garden and I LOVE your stitchings:)
Jan said…
Sounds like you are having lots of fun, with the addition of your vege plants! Love the progression of the melon. Nothing like that around here yet. In fact we have temps in the 30's last night! Really cold!