Monday Update

I am still alive and kicking, though you wouldn't know it by my lack of posting. My husband and I have been very busy outside building the raised vegetable beds and working on other outside chores that are most pleasant to do early in the spring when it's not 105ยบ and oppressively hot outside. It's actually pleasant to be outside at this time of the year! Of course today it's very, very windy and only going to be in the mid-50s with a freeze warning for tonight. I'm so ready for the spring temps to hang around for a few weeks so I can get my stuff planted! If you'd like to follow my gardening adventures, you can do so by reading my gardening blog, The Haphazard Gardener.

Since we've been spending so much time outside, my stitching time has greatly diminished. I am stitching SOME, just not a lot. I haven't even finished my ornie for March yet!! I did start my incentive piece last Sunday, but I only put in about 20 stitches. Just enough to say I'd started on the start date. LOL

Here's my March ornie, Walt the Malt by Raise the Roof Designs from the 2008 JCS ornie edition. He's stitched on 28 ct. Rocky Mountain linen from Silkweaver using GAST threads.

And yes, even though I'm using overdyeds, I still do the bottom leg all the way across and come back and then cross the top like when using DMC. I just like the way my stitches look when I do it this way.

Here's my incentive piece for this round on the OOE board. It's LHN's "Heart of America" stitched on 32 ct. something or other from R&R. I think it's Iced Cappuccino, but don't quote me on that. I'll have to find my note and get back to you with the correct answer. :) I stitched almost all of this last night while watching the ACM awards and the 10:00pm news.

I'm on vacation this week, and while I plan on spending the bulk of my time outside and some time working on some indoor chores, both of these are on my stitching agenda for the week. Maybe I'll have a finish on that ornie by my next post!



Great starts, Steph! I wish I could get outside and do some yard work - unfortunately we got several inches of snow last night. Ugh! Your stitching looks great - I've yet to start my incentive but will soon, I hope!
Jan said…
Both are great beginnings, Steffie! I know how much you love getting out and digging in the dirt, glad you have the opportunity.And hope you get more good weather this week, to do more plantings and prunings! Weather here has been dastardly, but no one ever knows how April will be anyway.