SNS Progress

I managed to get in a couple of hours stitching on City Stitcher Country Stitcher on Saturday night. I'm getting so close to a finish, I can feel it! LOL Without further ado, here's my progress!

This week, I've decided to work on this:

Be looking for an update at the end of the week.

In other news, spring has arrived in Texas. Woohoo!! That means, I'll be working out in the garden more. This year, we're venturing into veggie gardening which will be fun since I hate all kinds of creepy crawley bugs and worms and such. Veggie gardens just seem to invite such critters, so I'm thinking pest control and monitoring will be the husband's responsibility. :=D LOL We've got 2/3 of our first raised veggie bed built. I hope to have that adventure posted on my gardening blog tomorrow. You can also read about my winter sowing experiment and follow that project's progress there as well.

This year, we're also going to begin transforming the "area behind the rocks". The previous owners of our house erected this lovely wall of natural stone about 5 feet or so from the back fence. I don't know if they ever planted much back there, but there were some attempts at a few plants and shrubs, which we enjoy today. However, it's mostly grass. (Grass=mowing, which I'm trying to cut down on.) This year, we're going to start transforming it into a flower bed. We're going to start with the area we can see from our kitchen window. I'm so excited to think of the prospect of looking out the window while doing dishes and see something other than my neighbor's backyard and back door! LOL I'll chronicle that transformation on my gardening blog as well.

It's going to be a fun spring and summer, so stay tuned!!


Jan said…
Won't be long now with your LHN..woohoo! And so glad you are pulling out Quaker Friendship, this is going to be super lovely!

Enjoy those gardening endeavors!
Great WIPs, Steph! Looking forward to the big finish on CSCS! The pastel colors on your second piece are lovely. Enjoy the gardening!
Kathy said…
You are sooo close on the LHN piece. I love the Quaker Friendship piece and the colors you are using.
I wish I were interested in gardening. Your green thumb is wonderful
Suzanne said…
Looks good...

WHAT is that Quaker? I love it and love the colors!
Debra said…
Nice progress. Garden blog sounds good. I gave you an award in my blog.
Suzanne said…
Hey...I gave you an award...see my blog for details!

Also, can you leave me a note about what that Quaker design is???
Tammy said…
Stopped by your blog - love your cross stitch :-)