Quaker Friendship Sampler

I worked on Quaker Frienship Sampler this past week. This is one of those projects that I started a couple of years ago and stitch on it occasionally. It's really pretty and I love the colors, but for the life of me, I can't seem to stick with it long enough to get it finished. The chart is older and pre-computer generated graphs. The symbols look to be handwritten. It must've been published in the '90s because the date on the center medallion has "199__" on it.

Here's where I stopped after SNS last night:

Now then, just for Suzanne, here's the info on the design:
Title of design: Quaker Style Friendship Sampler
Designer: Samplers and Such

I got my chart from Jan at Only One Ewe Needleworks. You can contact her at her blog, Belfonte Notes or her online shop, Only One Ewe Needleworks. If you read Jan's blog, she's got a picture of her finish using the primitive color scheme. It's absolutely gorgeous!

Now then, if I could just stay out of the garden, I might get more stitching time in!! LOL I love being out in the garden during the spring!


Suzanne said…
thank you Stephanie for the info! I love the colors in yours.
Debra said…
This is so pretty!
Jan said…
Wow, you got that big motif at the bottom done, and started another! YGG!!!!

It is a large sampler, but just try and see as each motif finished, a small accomplishment, toward the greater piece!!
Very pretty, Steph!
Kathy said…
Very pretty, Stephanie! I love the colors.
Laura said…
Your Quaker looks beautiful, Stephanie! I just love the sweet, soft color palette on this one.
Charlene said…
That is SO pretty - and at least you're making progress. I say, enjoy the spring garden while you can -- summer will be here, then you can stitch where it's cooler!