An Evening Stroll Through My Flower Beds

The past week, we've had awesome temps, so things are really starting to green up (including the weeds) and I've been itching to get outside and get some dirt on my hands. I'm also gearing up for the spring plant swap. Hope to be able to get some great things as well as give several things away.

The Texas Gold Columbines are really taking off. Starting in February, they start putting out lots of new, green growth in preparation for their annual profusion of blooms. Found my first buds almost ready to pop today! Sorry for the blurry pic, but I was so excited to find the buds!

Among the leaves of covering among the columbines, Pigeonberry is starting to show its leaves.

As always, the Four Nerve Daisies are strutting their stuff.

The daylilies have really leafed out! They look so mature this year, like real clumps! LOL

The poppies are growing. Can't wait for these to set buds and bloom. I threw these out late fall last year. Not even sure how big they get or when they bloom, so it'll be interesting with them. Sometimes the best gardening is trial & error.

This Hummingbird Sage (aka Texas Sage, aka Salvia coccinea) survived the winter and has buds on it. They're about to pop!

This is a very prolific bloomer and seeder, so I got TONS of seeds leftover from last year's harvest. If you're interested, I'm happy to share.

Lastly, my winter sowing project has been a hit! At the beginning of February, I started about 13 milk jugs of seeds outside. I wrote about it on my gardening blog if you want the blow-by-blow description. Out of the 13, only about 4 or 5 don't have anything peeking out yet. I'm most excited about the one pink skullcap seedling I saw today. Here's a peek into a few of the jugs today.

I think these are one of the salvias I planted. These will definitely need to be thinned!

This is a low growing mix from Wildseed Farm. I have no idea what's sprouted in there! LOL

Here's the container of Gaillardia, better known as Blanket Flower.

This is what's been occupying my stitching time as of late. Maybe next week I'll have something stitchy to share!! LOL


Hey Steph! Oh how nice to see some green sprouting! We're still a bit away from that but I can't wait for the first signs of Spring. Love your milk jug containers!
Jan said…
Great idea on the milk jug plantings! I have a few things coming up in my flower beds and I have no idea what they are..yet! LOL
mark said…
Ahhh, we are kindred spirits. I love to garden and stitch. Not only that, I'm in Austin! I love going out to see what has survived the winter (not that we get a I get such a satisfaction seeing new growth on plants I thought didn't make it.