It's Hump Day!

Means I'm off for the day! How wonderful is that?!? Hope to get lots of resting accomplished today, but before that happens, I thought I'd post the progress that I've made on my February ornie. I hope to finish him today or tomorrow. Here's my headless Santa! LOL

Suzanne has asked me what fabric I'm using. Suzanne, just in case you didn't read my reply to your comment on the comments page, it's a Silkweaver Solo, so there's no name. Sorry! Check their website though as they might have something similar to this one.

Spring is fixin' to (that's Texas-speak for y'all) roar in like a lion. I finally started my winter seed sowing project on Sunday. I planted lots of perennials. I hope this experiment works. Here's the final result of my planting.

I planted:
Balloon Flower
Blanket Flower
Butterfly Weed (orange & pink)
Pink Skullcap
Black-Eyed Susan
Echinacea (purple coneflower)
Red Hummingbird Sage
Pink Hummingbird Sage (but some may be red because I dropped the red seeds into the pink ones on accident...ugh!)
Lemon Mint (monarda)
Blackberry Lilies
Coreopsis (Tickseed)
and...a low-growing mix of wildflowers

Keep tuned to my gardening page for updates!!

Last week while out in the garden, I found a few bloomers. First up is my new, planted last fall, Veronica "Georgia Blue". It's a ground cover than can take our hot Texas sun and should spread nicely in the bed I have it in.

The Four Nerve Daisy has been blooming all winter. It blooms all summer, too! Such a great little plant. I need to figure out how to divide it and/or propagate it.

And then this little thing was blooming. It's some kind of Geranium, but for the life of me right now, I can't remember what it's called. It loves the sun anad blooms like crazy all summer long. Since it's survived the winter, I'm going to divide it and plant it in the ground.

I just love this time of year when there's so much hope for the garden!



Suzanne said…
Thanks for the info on the fabric...don't you just love Silkweavers? I have lots of their solos and odds and ends stuff. I'm expecting a package right now, as a matter of fact!

What a lovely milk jug garden! They don't grow well here, they get stunted at about the quart stage...LOL
Jan said…
Wow, lots of pretties planted!! Can't wait to see your Santa finished, will be so cute.

As for coming in like a lion, we are supposed to have the lamb version here, ugh!!