In the Last 11 Days

Goodness! Seems like it's been forever since I've posted! I'm feeling so much better and the gunk in my head has all cleared up. Still have 2 days of antibiotics to go, but I think I've finally kicked this sinus infection/cold/crud-going-around-stuff!! I've been having decompression treatments on my back and that is helping tremendously. I'm now able to sit for more than 20 minutes, which definitely improves my stitching time. I'm also continuing my physical therapy treatments, and I will resume my therapeutic massage sessions this coming week. I should be good to go soon!!

I have joined Facebook. Need I say more??? I joined mainly to keep up with current and former co-workers, but a side benefit is that I've been able to reconnect with some high school friends (from back in the dark ages, you know!) as well as a former college roommate! I've also become friends with some cousins, which is nice, since I hardly ever see them or talk to them in real life. Facebook is quite fun, but it can be addicting! If you haven't joined Facebook, you should, especially if you have friends and family spread out all over the place.

My Valentine was so sweet to me yesterday. I received my very own box of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies and a beautifully sappy sweet card!! As a former Girl Scout, I have sold TONS of cookies in my time. The Thin Mints were always the bestest selling cookies for me. I don't particularly care for the chocolate cookie inside and the mint flavoring isn't as strong as when I was younger, but they're still yummy anyway. I think I consumed a whole sleeve of cookies throughout the day yesterday! LOL

On the stitching front, here's what I've managed to accomplish.

I've started stitching LHN's Seasonal Saltbox threadpacks. I'm stitching this series horizontally on one piece of fabric. I've chosen to stitch them on 32 ct. Vintage Maritime White from Lakeside Linens. At least I think it's Lakeside. If not, then it's an R&R color. I'm using the threads in the threadpacks.

Here's the first one, "Blessed are the Meek", which I started this past Monday.

I've also stitched on LHN's "City Stitcher Country Stitcher". I worked on this last Sunday while watching the Pro Bowl. I'll work on this again today so I should have another update coming soon! This is where I'll be starting from today.

Lastly, this month's ornie, the PS Santa from the November, 2008 issue of The Gift of Stitching Magazine. This was my Saturday Night Stitch project for yesterday. I stitched on it while watching a couple of romantic comedies with my husband last night. (o:



Hope you all have a beautiful day today!! (o:


Suzanne said…
I have that series too! I'm looking forward to seeing yours. I had planned to do mine 2 across and 2 down.

What is the fabric that the PS Santa is on? I love that color!
Jan said…
Glad you are on the road to recovery, both with your sinus infection, and your back! Do what the doctors tell you now!

Your projects are looking REALLY good! I am not crazy about the City Stitcher/Country Stitcher design, but there is something about yours, the colors and your choice of fabric, that makes it oh so pretty!! Keep stitching this, I am anxious to see it finished!

Fatema said…
Good to hear you are feeling much better now.
Your WIPs are really nice.