Stitching Goals & January Rotation

Every month on the OOE board, we are encouraged to post our stitching goals and self-challenges. Seldom do I accomplish what I start out to do, and I'm thinking it's because I don't keep a copy of them. (Ya think?!?) So, here are my goals and self-challenges for January.

1. Start January 1st piece (The Busy Needle) and add to rotation.
2. Start and finish 1 ornie.
3. Finish Love is in the Air exchange piece for Donna and mail.
4. Start LHN Threadpack.
5. Participate in SNS as able.
6. Stitch on former incentive pieces on Sundays.

1. Record daily stitching time.
2. Stick to rotation.
3. Make annual ornie list.
4. Make annual project goals list.
5. Start my winter sowing project (gardening related).

As you can see, one of my self-challenges is to stick to my rotation. I think that I've recovered from the holidays enough to do this. I also think that for SNS and my former incentive piece Sunday projects, I'm going to stick to one project each month so I can really see some progress. Of course, top priority of my weekly projects is anything with a deadline, which this month is my Love is in the Air exchange piece. If I don't get it finished during its scheduled week, then I'll continue with that the following week. Of course, this will totally upset the apple cart, but I'm learning to roll with the punches.

Here's my January rotation plan:

Basic Weekly Rotation:
Sat~Saturday Night Stitch (LHN's Sweet Little Berries)
Sundays~Former Incentive SAL piece (undecided as of now)

Here's how it'll (hopefully) pan out for the entire month:
1st & 2nd~The Busy Needle
Incentive SAL piece

Week 1
Mon-Fri~exchange piece

Week 2
Mon-Fri~ornie (Quaker Snowman possibly)

Week 3
Mon-Fri~begin LHN Threadpack (maybe the saltbox series)

Week 4
Mon-Fri~The Busy Needle

Now that it's in writing for all the world to see, perhaps I'll get a few things finished and out of the way. Once I get my ornie list and yearly project list finished, I'll post those as well.


Suzanne said…
Stephanie, you are WAY too organized! LOL