Not a Whole Lot of Stitching Going On :(

But there has been a whole lot of coughing, sneezing, and blowing my nose going on! I went to the doctor on Thursday and she confirmed that I have a sinus infection. I believe she said that I had a "textbook case of sinusitis. Open the medical dictionary, look up sinusitis and we'd see your picture". I'm glad she agreed with my own diagnosis! LOL She gave me the big guns (Augmentin, 875 mg 3X a day!) and sent me on my merry way. She also told me to take my cough syrup (hydrocodone, guaifenesin, and something else) if I felt I needed it. I broke down last night and took some. I'd forgotten how loopy it makes me! I can't even concentrate enough to stitch, so no stitching for me last night or today.

My precious husband, also not feeling too great, has been taking excellent care of me. He got up early this morning and made me a wonderfully healthy breakfast of eggs, hash brown potatoes, served rolled up in a flour tortilla. He's been making sure I take my medicine at the right times and he's been encouraging me to get lots of rest. He's taken over the care of the cats, even scooping the litter box. He hates doing that, so I know he really loves me. (c: I did have to go to work today because my boss has left for a 2 week vacation to Disney in FL, and he brought me a nice lunch from Jason's Deli. Absolutely yummy!! We split a California Club with fruit and a humongous salad.

I'm hoping by tomorrow, I'll be in my right mind, less congested, and able to concentrate on my stitching. Stay tuned!!


Anonymous said…
what a yucky feeling to have, I hate sinus infectons; they make you feel just lousy. Hope you're better now and hope you get lots of rest. Maybe stitching time but make sure you take care of yourself first.
Sending good thoughts your way!
Debra said…
Hope you are feeling better soon. Good to hear hubby is taking good care of you.
Debra in Indiana
Suzanne said…
Hope you feel better soon!