My January Ornament & Other Ramblings

Snowman's Quaker Christmas
Design by Midnight Stitching
Fabric~32 ct. Vintage Autumn Blush
Fibers~DMC, GAST, and Crescent Colours' Cool Azul

I put the final stitches in this while waiting for my load of laundry to dry so I could have a shirt to wear to work today. This was such a fun stitch. The main change I made to this was the color of the Quaker motif. The original color was supposed to be a weird shade of green, and I changed it to blue. I also left off the 4 stitches in the middle of each "flair" on the sides of the motif.

Today marks day 4 of a sinus headache. I had this same problem a month ago and went to the doctor. He prescribed a course of antibiotics, which obviously didn't do a very good job. The pressure is centered smack dab in the middle of my forehead right between my eyes. My top teeth hurt, my ears are ringing, my nose is stuffy but running (figure that out!), my throat hurts a bit, and I'm generally miserable. The good news is I'm not running a fever and I'm not coughing!! For now, taking Tylenol dulls the pain enough to endure it. A nice steamy shower feels really good, too, but I can't stay in the shower all day long! LOL

Mark's not feeling well at all either. He's got a massive sinus infection (discovered by the MRI he had earlier this month), wheezing, terrible coughing, very runny nose, drainage, stuffy head, and a low-grade fever. I've told him that if he's not better by Thursday I'm calling the doctor and making an appointment for him. I will go with him if I have to because he claims he "just has a cold". Uh-huh. He also thinks the doctor doesn't know what else to give him since he gets these upper respiratory infections/bronchitis/sinus infections several times a year. He's so exasperating sometimes!!

I'll head off to work today and leave the husband here at home to rest and tend to the cats. Good thing they know how to wake him up to get fed, or he'd probably sleep until tomorrow and they'd be half-starved when I got home. LOL Once summer gets here and the weather calms down, we'll all feel better!!


Suzanne said…
Migraines can mimic sinus headaches, so if you keep having trouble with them, might be something to check out...

My respiratory stuff was incredibly improved with Advair. I get bronchitis all the time, but I also have asthma, so it may not be any help to your DH.

That is such a miserable feeling. I hope you both feel better soon!

I love the snowman! Thanks for posting the fabric; I'll have to look for that.

Carolyn NC said…
Hope you both feel better soon. Love the ornie!
Anonymous said…
Love the Ornament; that is so cute! also, I love the Bushel/Peck design! I think that one will have to come live with me also. I have Silver needles site pulled up right now to place an order, LOL.

hope you both feel better soon! sinus headaches are the pits!