My Favorite Stitching "Tool"

I have 2 of these little things. One has a copyright of 1990 and the other is copyrighted 1994. They've been around since the advent of online fabric calculators and pre-cut fabric. On the flip side of my chart, is a DMC checklist and a how to stitch guide. It's convenient for me to use and easy for me to store.

A couple of years ago, while surfing the net, I stumbled across the Designs by Gloria & Pat website. Much to my surprise, I discovered the stitcher's Compucard! There's even a PDF document you can download and store on your hard drive or print out to keep with your stitching supplies.

Head on over to the links above and grab you a copy!



I don't think I've seen this before. What a handy thing to have! Thanks for the link.