A Little Progress & Other Updates

I've been stitching on LHN's "The Busy Needle" this week and have really been enjoying myself. Here's where I was before I started on it this week:

And this is what I've accomplished in the last 2 days:

The pictures are really dark, so it's even prettier in person.

Thank you all for your well-wishes for a speedy recovery. I went to the doctor today and lo and behold, I have a sinus infection. I get at least one of these a year due mainly to allergies caused by the crazy weather in Texas. See, today it was 84º and the wind was blowing from the south. In South Texas, this is cedar season, so all the cedar pollen blows up here. (When I lived in south Texas and people get sinus infections, they called it cedar fever.) Tomorrow, it's going to be another warm day, but then a cold front is moving through and our temps will drop 40º in a very short period of time. The winds will change and blow from the north. This brings a whole new set of allergens. My body cannot tolerate these drastic weather and allergen changes every other day or so. My nose retaliates by getting sinusitis (sinus infection). Hopefully in a couple of days I'll feel totally new and the pressure in my head will be gone!

The husband's feeling much better, but still coughing and running a low-grade fever. The doctor's called in medicine for him. Yea!

Off to watch Grey's Anatomy and do a bit of stitching! Have a good evening all!


Suzanne said…
Looking good! I have that one too and I'm looking forward to seeing to seeing yours stitched! What fabric are you using?
Carin said…
Maybe a silly question, but do you sell that chart of The Busy Needle ?